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May, the month for licking envelopes

Celebrating, Gigging & Organising


Hello beautiful people,

Well, I think I’m getting better at sending out e-mails but I still think this is only the second one I’ve sent this year…Ooops! Lots to say so I hope you have a cuppa & a biscuit. (Welcome to any newbies to the list)

The big news first…THE ALBUM ARRIVED, THE ALBUM ARRIVED, THE ALBUM ARRIVED!!!!  – Time Ashore now exists in human form, it was fashionably late and missed the party entirely but it has made up for it by looking absolutely, stunningly beautiful!!! (Thanks to Elly Lucas & Katy Coope for the photos and artwork – an amazing team!) My nieces who the album is 1/3 dedicated to, stayed all night for the party & joined me on stage to sing all my songs with me, if you notice that my youtube videos have 1,000 views – it’s all them! 😉 

If you’ve supported the album through Kickstarter, (THANK YOU!) your CD will be sent out in the next couple of weeks, I’ve ordered some tour flyers & postcards to include in your little parcel so I apologise for the delay. I hope you like it! If not, you can head over to my website & pre-order Time Ashore; due to be released officially on August 5th at Sidmouth Folk Week where I’ll be supporting The Spooky Men’s Chorale in the Ham marquee. 

Click here to see the Debut Album Demo Video


So now the album is here, I’ve started the ‘Time Ashore’ Tour. It kicked off at the cosy intimate venue in Coventry ‘The Big Comfy Book Shop’ a great place to spend a rainy afternoon reading books while eating cake & drinking tea. They have regular music nights, it’s a real treat. I then headed up to Scotland for a few days with my friend (Roadie) Julie to support Martyn Wyndham-Read who I last saw over in Australia at Cobargo festival. Such a great guy with amazing stories to tell. The 3rd gig of the tour was last night at Hitchin Folk Club, one of the best in the country it has to be said, they really do know how to treat their artists, what better than a gig where you can walk off stage and go straight to bed (the venue is in the same hotel they put you up in) – Perfect! They put on weekly concerts with an audience between 80-150, go check it out! The evening was supporting Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, a duo not to be missed. (I also got my first audience review this afternoon & I’m over the moon with what Tony said) 

Recently I’ve been told I say I’m excited a lot but it has to be said that some amazing things have been happening recently so I apologise for my over use of ‘excited’ HOWEVER I am pleased to announce that I have James Soars working on the publicity for the album as well as Ant Miles doing some Agency work for me, I’ve always been very scared/nervous about letting any one in to my little circle when it comes to music as it’s so personal to me but these two guys have so far made great team members and I’m looking forward to doing more work with them. Ant Miles is part of Fancourt Music, he also puts on artists at Downend Folk Club where I sang on April 17th, its a folk club with a soul and you can tell that everyone is involved because they want to be there, they love music and it isn’t about profit for them, after speaking to Ant we’ve decided to join forces and so far it’s been a real pleasure. 

(I’ve also chopped off all (most of) my hair…

Pre-Order Time Ashore here…
Below are the front & back of my brand new flyers, designed by the incredibly talented and beautiful Katy Coope, with a whole list of dates that I’ve organised to celebrate this new thing that came through the post with my face on it…

If you head over to my website or to Facebook events, you’ll see the list of gigs there too, I’m especially (excited) I mean, chuffed to be touring with The Spooky Men’s Chorale  this summer. 

Most importantly (excitingly) I’ve organised a tour in SEPTEMBER with my full band (Simon Dumpleton & Philippe Barnes) Jess Vincent as support with her brand new album ‘Shine’ and a few special guests. The dates for this are:
13th – Liverpool – Nordic Church
14th – Sheffield – Crookes Social Club
15th – London – Cecil Sharp House
16th – Oxford – North Wall Arts Centre
17th – Trowbridge – Village pump
(Tickets available at wegottickets or click on the links above) 

Click Here – Justgiving page for Dementia & Parkinsons

Other things that have or will be going on:

  • In January I helped Val Civico put on a fundraiser concert for Alzheimer’s & Parkinsons, something herself & her husband suffer from, the final total split between the 2 charities was an incredible £5,000! 
  • Val is organising gig number 2 for October, unfortunately I will be away overseas so instead, I have signed up to do an 8km Endurer Dash & will also be doing a colour run in order to help raise money towards each charity (links to just giving on the above button)
  • Plans to tour overseas are coming together nicely
  • Possible plans for a music video to be made at Sidmouth Folk Week are being discussed…
  • I have a CD with my face on…
  • I recently went to see Mary Black in concert supported by Sharon Shannon (AMAZING) & Mark Knopfler – Incredible! 
  • I also have to say that I’m very proud of my friend Sam Hindley who presents Thank Goodness it’s Folk on Sheffield LIVE 93.2 FM along side Phil Carter & James Fagan. Not only does he do a great job with the show but last week he did the whole 2hours solo AND last week at Shepley Spring Festival he MC’d on the MainStage, opening the festival on the Friday night! – Well Done Sam!
  • Did I tell you about the album? 😉

I think I’ve managed to squeeze everything in, it’s all just been a big blur, I can’t believe it’s only been 1 month since I got back from Australia & India. A glass of champagne is recommended after this e-mail so that you can help me continue to celebrate :-) 

Warm wishes & huge thanks for your support

Kirsty Bromley



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