Time Ashore – New Zealand & Australia

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"Kirsty Bromley is a singer of songs of social justice, traditional songs, and songs from the heart. Her voice is effortless yet stirring, at times ethereal, but always earthy and with strong roots. Musical and beguiling." Nancy Kerr

The album is a compilation of traditional English folk songs, contemporary written folk songs and; self penned.



Featured artists

Kirsty Bromley - vocals & backing vocals
Philippe Barnes - guitar, whistles and flute
Andy Cutting - melodeon
Simon Dumpleton - piano & piano accordion
Judith Hooper - fiddle & backing vocals
Nick Hooper - guitar
Tim Hooper - cajon & backing vocals
Sarah Matthews - viola & fiddle
Beth Porter - cello & backing vocals
Sarah Smout - cello & backing vocals
Jo Veal - clarinet & soprano saxophone
Stephen Taberner - double bass & backing vocals
Recorded & Mixed at Hats off Studios with Michael Taylor

Track List

  1. Caught Up On A Breeze - Kirsty Bromley
  2. Valley Song - Kirsty Bromley & Grace Kaya
  3. Eat Drink & Be Jolly - Trad/Philippe Barnes
  4. Sweet Nightingale - Trad
  5. Time Ashore - Bill Meek
  6. Twas On One April Morning - Trad
  7. Two Young Sisters - Trad
  8. English Ground - Chris Wood & Laurel Swift
  9. All Who Wander - Dougie Maclean
  10. Rise Out Of The Ashes - Kirsty Bromley & Grace Kaya
  11. One More Time - Paul Metsers
  12. Today - Randy Sparks
  13. Taku Mana - Trad Maori
  14. Bonus Track

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