Sweet Nightingale EP

Unfortunately Sweet Nightingale has Sold Out however if you'd like to buy a digital copy from iTunes please follow the link...

Sweet Nightingale is the Debut EP of Kirsty Bromley and band; Philippe Barnes, Simon Dumpleton and Oli Matthews. It has beautiful unaccompanied tracks appropriately titled ‘Sweet Nightingale’ and ‘The Trees they do Grow High’. The album starts with ‘Crow on the Cradle’ with jazzy accompaniments featuring Kirsty on the trumpet, Oli on Soprano Sax and a driving guitar line. Also on the album are ‘Roll you sweet rain’ composed by Kate Fagan merged with a tune written by Philippe & Tim. Finished with ‘Singing Through The Hard Times’ subtle instrumentation & a strong vocal chorus. All in all a great EP showing Kirsty’s pure sounding voice & the versatile sound of her band.

Track List

  1. Crow On The Cradle (Sydney Carter)
  2. The Trees The Do Grow High (Trad)
  3. Roll You Sweet Rain/Down (Kate Fagan/Philippe Barnes & Tim Cotterel)
  4. Sweet Nightingale (Trad)
  5. Singing Through The Hard Times (Utah Philips)

Artist: Kirsty Bromley

Price: £3.95


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