At One With The Bells

At One with the Bells is an album by morris team Pecsaetan. Kirsty danced with Pecsaetan between April 2009 - 2013. The album is a compilation of all the artists that perform within the team as well as recordings of popular morris tunes and dances that Pecsaetan perform. It was put together to celebrate the teams 10th Birthday (2011) and to help raise money to support their trip to Canada in 2012.

Featured artists on the CD include; Richard Arrowsmith, Jess Arrowsmith, Kirsty Bromley, The Melrose Quartet, Simon Dumpleton, Carmel Wood, Sarah Matthews, Trinculo, Aisling Holmes, Catrin Ashton, Paul McMahon, Jo Maher, members of Pecsaetan and members from the Sheffield Chorale.

Artist: Pecsaetan Morris

Price: £10.00


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