Rebecca Bastoli – Stranger EP

Stranger is the debut Ep of Rebecca Bastoli released 20 June 2015
Kirsty met Rebecca on her travels in Sydney February 2014, they immediately became friends and sing together at every opportunity (whenever they are in the same country) Kirsty was thrilled to be asked to sing on Rebecca's album and it perfectly coincided with her Australian tour during February and March 2015.

The Ep was: Produced, recorded and mixed by Chris Gillespie Mastered by Adam Dempsey Album Artwork by Rebecca Bastoli All songs written by Rebecca Bastoli, except 'Letters' co-written by Rebecca Bastoli and Maizy Coombes Rebecca Bastoli - Vocals, Guitar Maizy Coombes - Violin, backing vocals Laura Bishop - Accordion, backing vocals Mark Stevens - Double Bass Kirsty Bromley - Backing vocals

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